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Regina Shea Irving
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Lineart for ID belongs to respective owner (which sadly is not me.)
Current Residence: Bethlehem
Favourite genre of music: goth, alternative, rock, country
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Hey Everyone! Please take a look at my group, Arulok. It's a new roleplay I am starting up, and we need members!
Victoria Piper - Wolf Form - WIP
Victoria's full body reference

She is not the lanky, elegant wolf one would expect of someone in her station. Victoria has a sturdy build, and is well muscled. While she is new to this body, she has past experience in combat, and has a high endurance. Victoria is well rounded in the ways of politics and physical labor. Victoria carries herself high, and though she does not see herself as above her people, is known for looking down at anyone of a lower station. When dealing with the people of Orenda, Victoria is a gentle and understanding soul, however she has little mercy for any that may pose a threat to her country or family. Victoria heads the judicial and religious branches of Arulok.

Victoria has two children. It is unknown if they have been cursed, or are alive. Abigail is Victoria's eldest, she was six years old at the time of the curse. Rowan, her son, was three. 

Apparel: Victoria still carries with her a sash made from her Family tartan, as pictured. Pinned to is is the crest of a modified Royal Crest, bearing an unchained unicorn with the motto "Per Ardua" Engraved on it. While the crest is carried by the current Royal of Orenda, whatever the family clan may be, the motto comes from Victoria's clan, meaning "Through Difficulties". 5 gold studs remain in her ears, as well as the small, golden tiara on her head.

Lineart belongs to the amazing :iconkfcemployee:
The Land of Orenda
A quick visual guide of Orenda (Totally not Scotland at all). The kingdom in this map is divided by geography and notable locations., listed in order of danger.

Red: All islands in Red belong to Attor, the dragon responsible for cursing the pack. There are no survivors.

Gold: The gold to the North is the Kingdom of Orenda. Give heed to the King's men, tasked with the extermination of the Arulok pack.

Brown: The north of the country is mountainous and dense with forest. There are several man-made roadways and small towns that dot this harsh terrain. Red Deer and Big Horn Sheep can be found here. These are difficult kills due to the terrain. Village hunters make their presence known. While not typically equipped to take down a wolf, they are fierce. 

Lavender: The Western Shores are home to Harbor Seal and Giant Otter. While easy to take on land, the many rivers and canals make them slippery. These lands are often marshy, the risk of sinkholes and quicksand are real.

Pink: This valley sits below the Castle, and give way to the Highlands. This area is mostly grassy plains, and a wide variety of small game can be found here. Red Deer can be seen here during the winter months as they migrate south. Open plains provide little cover from Attor or a hunting party. In the winter, these lands are thick with predators of all kinds.

Tan: These lowlands are the primary farmland for Orenda. While there are many humans in this area, it is also a rich hunting ground. Sheep, cattle, and other livestock can be found here. Beware the farmer and their dog. 

Blue: Beaver and other small game can by found along this inlet.
Long May She Reign
Name: Victoria Piper of Qriss
Age: 19
Occupation: Queen of Orenda
Residence: Orenda Castle

Bio: WIP

My character for Arulok. Still coming up with a finished concept, but I'm pretty happy with her.
  • Listening to: Kion's dying breath
  • Watching: crap
I'll admit, I was probably more excited about the Lion Guard than most kids were. However it was painfully obvious in the very first trailer that The Lion Guard would not include the magnificent artistry or beautiful colors that we all came to know in The Lion King 1 and 2. Though it's true, the animation and art in the Lion Guard is quite adorable, it is not what many Lion King lovers were hoping for. In addition to the awkward art style, the animation seems years behind that of the Lion King. In the Lion Guard, the animators seemed to have forgotten that lions are not flat-footed, and have fallen prey to character sliding. The characters seem to shuffle from place to place, rather than actually walking. If they aren't shuffling, then they're bounding around, making the sliding effect even more painfully obvious. 

Another rather annoying aspect of the Lion Guard is the character proportions. In the Lion Guard, it's established that Kion and Kiara are about the same age as Kiara originally was in the Lion King 2. However, in the new series, Kion is nearly half the size of Simba, but smaller than Kiara. 
In the images below, you can see how disproportionate the new characters are.
Simba and Kiara in TLK2
Simba and Kion

The art style I could look past, the horrible animation I could forgive, if not for the fact that the whole plot is based around the idea that Kion was present throughout all of Kiara's life, and that Kion's name itself looks like a typo, rather than a name. 
In the Lion Guard, the Outlanders are not Zira and her pride, as was established so many years ago. Instead, it's a pack of bulldog-esque hyenas, who look like they could be long lost relatives of Francois from Lady and the Tramp, and echo the words of Scar in a not-so-clever manner. And let's not forget the magical changing cutie mark. I mean, come on.Pinkie Pie Squint 

Basically, what Disney has done, is take what could have been a gem of a revival and shat on it. They completely disregarded the story that they set up all those years ago in order to make a poorly thought out spin off. Sure, the Lion Guard could have been amazing, but by making Kion Kiara's brother, and by using animation that is far worse than the animation of the 90's, they've set themselves up to fail.

Now, if they had, for instance, made Kion Kiara and Kovu's cub with an otherwise identical plot, I believe that it would have been better. I for one, found myself desperately hoping that they would continue on with the Lion King after the release of Simba's Pride, and follow Kiara along in her reign. Or, at the very least, pick up where the squeal left off, with Kiara being in her late teens by human years. I do not see this show lasting for long, as despite it being on Disney Junior, the majority target audience is not children 7 or younger, but in fact are the 20-somethings that want some nostalgia. Disney would have been wise to cater to the older audience for a change. 

And so dies the Lion King Legacy. 


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